COMPASS Emergency Assistance 
Please be advised that until further notice, COMPASS is

1. Not assisting with utilities (please see below)
2. Only assisting with rent IF your circumstances cannot be met by taking one of the following actions:

UTILITIES- Please call your utility company and they will set up a payment arrangement with you. All disconnects have been pushed out for at least 60 days due to the corona virus (COVID-19).

RENT- As of Monday March 16, 2020- Eviction hearings will not take place for at least June 1st 2020. For more info please visit: . In the meantime, please contact Community Mediation or Columbus Legal Aid to assist with setting up a payment arrangement with your landlord.

UNEMPLOYMENT- If you have been placed on leave by your employer due to the corona virus (COVID-19), you may be eligible for unemployment benefits even if you have not been infected. Please see more info and apply here:

STIMULUS MONEY- If you've filed your 2018 or 2019 taxes, you may be eligible for $1,200 or more in stimulus money. You do not need to do anything ele, your money will be sent to you in the same way your taxes were. If you have not filed your taxes in 2018 or 2019, you can sign up to request stimulus money here:

Thank you!
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